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Stainless Steel Ceiling Grids

Application: Stainless steel ceiling panels and stainless steel ceiling grids having features like corrosion resistance, waterproof, durability, tamper-proof, etc. 

Suitable for lift ceiling works, hospital ceiling works and corporate office ceiling works. 

Size: Stainless Steel Tile - 600 x 600 mm

          Main Tee - 15mm x 32 x 3050mm

          Wall Angle - 20 x 22 x 1980mm

          Cross Tee 4ft - 15 x 32 x 1200mm

          Cross Tee 2ft - 15 x 32 x 600mm


GI Clip-in Metal Tile Plain

GI Clip-in Metal Tile Plain is one of the most attractive ceilings you can get in a hygienic area. The Plain Clip-in Metal Tile has a powder coating of 60-80 microns as per international standards. Also available as precoated which will have 25 - 30 microns.

Application: Hygienic Areas of hotel kitchens, labs, and hospitals.

Size: 600x600mm

Drop Height: 25mm


GI Clip-in Metal Tile Perforated

GI Clip-in Metal Tile Perforated is sheet metal that has been manually or mechanically stamped or punched to create a pattern of holes, slots, or decorative shapes. The hole in the Perforated Clip-in Metal Tile increases its acoustic properties thus absorbing the noise without reflecting it.

Size: 600x600mm, 1.8mm hole dia

Drop height: 25mm