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Pop Powder

  • Gypsum-based plaster which offers one ideal solution for all your decoration needs. It sets quickly and is easy to cast into a shape, making it a very useful material in beautifying walls and ceilings.

  • Brands: J.K & Sakthi


Anabond Silicone Sealant GP

General Purpose Silicone Sealant from Anabond.

Quantity: 260mL, 280mL, 300mL

Color: Clear

Hardening Speed: 2mm/Day

Skin forming Time: 2-8min


Dowcorning Silicon Sealant GP

General Purpose Silicone Sealant from Dowcorning.

Size: 300mL

Color: Clear

Properties: Long Shelf life 



J.K silk Gypsum plaster powder

  • gypsum plaster powder is one of the best plastering technique available on market is one of the ideal solution to create astonishing interior works.wide range of application involves ceiling works and interior decorations

  • it has a strong  supremacy over the other conventional method of plastering, because its ability to resist cracks,produce smooth finishes,good insulating properties,low cost,low labour hours, great adhetion and low setting time

  • Spec: color=white,initial setting time= 10 min,final setting time=17min,water stucco ratio= 75%,compressive strength= 17N/mm2,fluxural strength= 6N/mm2,silica oxide ratio=53%',surface hardness= 4,33N/mm2,gypsum binder content=86%

  • Brand: j k silk ltd


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