Regular / Standard Gypsum Board

Gypsum board is the technical product name used by manufacturers for a specific board with a gypsum core, with or without additives, typically extruded between thick sheets of facer and backer paper, used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings.

Regular/Standard Gypsum Board is normally white on one side and brown on the other side. It is probably the most economical Gypsum Board type and comes in different Brands in 12.5 mm thickness, this is the most usual type used and is normally available in the market in 1830 mm by 1220 mm panels.(6ft x4ft)

Regular Gypsum Boards in Kerala

Popular Brands Available

Sheetrock® Standard® Plasterboard

Sheetrock Standard Plasterboard is manufactured from high purity Calcium Sulphate with two molecules of water stored in a crystalline form which is encased and bonded between two heavy duty paper liners. Its uniform core helps to achieve high system performance, consistent quality, strength and ease of use.


* Meets BS EN 520
* British Standard–BS, European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).
* Meets IS 2095(PART1):2011 (Indian Standardisation)
* Thickness: 12.5 mm & 15 mm
* Edges: Tapered & Square
* Sizes: 1830 mm X 1220 mm, 2440 mm X 1220 mm

Product Certifications

* GreenPro.

Sheetrock Standard Plasterboard

Gypboard® Plain Plasterboard

Gypboard® Plain is a cost effective Plasterboard for standard performance. Gypboard® Plain is the ultimate solution for today’s buildings, providing cost effective Partition, False ceiling & Dry lining performance to help create modern internal environments that enable comfort and safety for occupants. Best to use for Walls, Ceiling, Corridors and Auditorium, in buildings as diverse as Offices, Schools, Hospitals and Residences.



* Board Colour: Gray face paper, Brown reverse side paper
* Edges: Taper edge along length of board, Square edge along width of board
* Size: Length - 1830mm, Width - 1220mm
* Applicable Standard: IS 2095 (Part 1):2011



* Suitable for most applications where normal fire, Structural and acoustic levels are specified.

Gypro Gypboard Plain


GYPSOMAN is the premium quality regular gypsum board. It is developed to provided with the ideal functional economical solution to bring designs into durable, easy-to-shape and cost-efficient. It is the ultimate gypsum solution for the use in ceilings, partitions & wall-linings. GYPSOMAN© RB boards are flexible and lightweight; the ultimate practical way of construction in today’s and tomorrow’s homes, offices and buildings.


*  ASTM 1396:2006 (per 12.5mm)
* Meets DIN EN 520:2004
* Thickness : 12.5 mm & 15 mm
* Edges : Tapered & Square
* Sizes : 1830 mm X 1220 mm, 2440 mm X 1220 mm
* Color: Face-Ivory, Back: Grey
* Length (mm) GCC standard : 2400 mm, Indian standard : 1830 mm
* Width (mm) GCC standard : 1200 mm, Indian standard : 1220 mm


* Suitable for the use in ceilings, partitions & wall-linings

Gypsoman Regular

Universal - Regular GYPSUM BOARD

Universal - Regular Gypsum Board is the most common and economical plasterboard. It is ideal for internal partitions and ceilings.It is easy to install with lesser time. Board length, thickness and edge profile can be customised.


* Meets relevant ASTM
* Meets EN standards
* Meets IS standards
* Thickness : 12.5mm
* Edges : Tapered & Square
* Sizes : 1830 mm X 1220mm
* Appearance: Face: Ivory, Back: Grey


* Suitable for Internal partitions and ceilings in any type of construction

Gypelite Universal